Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Move - part 7

As we neared Little Rock, it occurred to me that there might be some difficulty getting our loads up Cantrell hill on Highway 10 so I called Monda and asked for a recommended alternate approach. The absolute last thing I wanted to do was get us stuck half way up Cantrell hill just at the end of our arduous day of driving, sheesh. She suggested the 440 loop over to pick up 630 and north on University. Well, I know the trucks use that 440 loop and boy do they ever, but it was a rough ride that night as we neared our destination.  

We were bumping around, seemingly shaking our loads, making our way around the southern side of the city on the little rock.  I noticed all the landmarks from the signs on 630, saw the city lights, all to be explored and discovered in our new home city, but I just wanted to get us to the little house waiting on North Hughes Street. Pulling up in front of Monda's that night, I felt the full load of relief, as I stopped that truck and set that parking brake.  I was done, spent, and there was Will and Monda headed across the lawn to greet us.  I must have looked crazy with my head bowed down on that steering wheel, thanking the good Lord for His clearing our path and delivering us safely, cause I had done all that I could do.  They let me step down out of the truck, someone may have actually assisted me, and then maybe someone moved it and disconnected a car hauler or something of that sort, but I was done.  It was a long day, in May...10.23.14

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