Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Move - part 1

It's been five months now.  How can that be? It is, as if, it was just yesterday.  Yes, I do realize this is not a novel thought but it is mine today.

I could start back at the beginning, in May of 2013, when we began the preparing of the house for sale, and listed it For Sale By Owner in August, maybe September, but I won't.  Today I write about the move.  I will write about The Selling of the House later.  

Once we had gotten the offer on the house and accepted it, it was time to finish the purging of what we wouldn't take with us and box up the rest.  We found good homes for several more pieces of furniture including televisions, entertainment consoles, a refrigerator, sleeper sofa, breakfast table and chairs, and such like. It was the second big purging as the first had occurred with the staging of the house for Sale.  Friends brought us some boxes and friends helped us box up dishes.  Of particular assistance were Tammy and Kim.  They helped me keep on track that last couple weeks when there were way too many things to be thinking about and keeping track for sanity.  But, just having someone outside the fray let me blather along with what was next, without judgement, well, it was helpful. Thank you both. You are dears and I miss you...part 1

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