Saturday, April 03, 2004

Just a quick note to you.

I just had a phone call of a fellow up in Toledo, Ohio. He'd been driving along in his car and the radio played, Victory In Jesus, by a group called Acappella, off a cd called Hymns For All The Ages. He'd gone to our website but couldn't find the cd, so he called me.

Course you guys know all this stuff, but he'd never heard of Acappella but he just had to find this music. He said when he heard the song, he wanted to jump out of his car and shout Hallelujah! After I coached him thru the website and how to listen to clips from the albums, he said, I'm going to become very familiar with this Acappella, it's powerful stuff. He also didn't expect to catch anyone on the phone this morning:) I blessed his soul this morning, isn't that cool?

See, I just thought I was sitting here paying my bills and catching up on

God is good! Have a blessed weekend and call your radio stations:)