Monday, August 29, 2016

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keurig Moments - January 7, 2013

You know the moment you realize that something/one is more than a part of the decoration but has real function and worth; yeah, that moment. :)

Do you know what this is? It is part of the Keurig coffee maker.  Pretty isn't it, has a designer look to it.  You can move it out of the way so that a taller coffee mug, like a travel size, can be placed under it to fill.  It also allows the smaller cup to sit higher so that you minimize splash.  Guess what else it does?  Catches over flow from a cup.  Those are not just decorations in that star and round spray design, they are holes and there is a reservoir that holds your overfill, in the event you try for too much in too small a cup.  The funny thing is that I have been using this for a couple weeks now and there has been more than one occasion where I have thought I might need to move an empty cup in as the coffee drips out and gets perilously close to the top rim of my cup, not realizing till today that this decorously designed base functions as a drip cup.  Yeah, funny huh.  

Isn't life like that sometimes though, those moments when you realize that something or someone is more than a part of a decoration or limited function piece.  It/they have real worth, real function.  If I am too busy to recognize the moment when these realizations occur, then I am too busy.  God says to Be Still, so that, you will know that I AM God.  If I am too busy, I am just liable to miss this too, aren't I.  Yeah, 'that' moment.  Those little things that remind us of the big things, that remind us of God.  Yes, THAT moment. 

You might point out that this is such an obvious thing though Rhonda.  Anyone can tell that this is a drain catch all.  This is true, anyone can tell what it is, unless they don't.  Anyone can see the splendor of the earth, of God's magnificent creation, of His love for His creation, of His sacrifice to reset man kinds relationship with Him; unless they don't.

It might be that we need to be still so that we can know, and show them.

Today I will go to the Sears parts store in West Anniston to pick up parts to fix my clothes dryer.  It sits dismantled in the laundry room as it blew a belt and connected pieces late on Saturday afternoon.  Will & Bruce took it apart and determined what would be needed to restore it to function, but parts would be required.  After a stop at the Sears store in the mall, Saturday night, we found out that the parts would be available at the parts store, and it would be my assignment to go, in the daylight, on Monday and buy them.  Apparently, I am on a journey to take light, but also maybe to witness light, in West Anniston today.  I am not sure why I continue to be surprised by what I find while going about doing the everyday, ordinary, daily things, that God is at work, in all our worlds.  It isn't necessarily a foreign mission trip that we are to take but the daily moments we are about, going into our daily world, paying attention, and being about the Fathers business.  Today involves a Sears parts store.  Perhaps I will share with you what I find on this journey today, in the mission fields.  Sometimes I assume that I am the missionary, but find also, that a missionary might be working down on the west side of Anniston, and a spiritual meal awaits me.  We will see.  Assuredly I will know something more at the days end, if I am paying attention, for God is at work, in all things.