Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Move -part 3

Some things are a blur. At one point we learned that our buyers were not going to be ready to close on our assigned closing day, waiting for IRS to send lender a letter.  It was coming we were assured but stood a good chance of not making the original closing.  We learned that it would indeed not get there for the closing and the contract had to be amended to give the buyer more time for it's arrival and we actually went moving week and signed papers and power of attorney, in downtown Anniston at the attorney's office, so that closing could occur with our realtor, Alison Landers, to sign for us, (an angel sent from heaven and other angel Donna Saunders, always ready to assuage our fears and further our education in all things property.) Lending and closing work a bit differently than our previous move eleven years earlier, so it was good working with these outstanding professionals.  Never doubt me, they got us through this.  ERA King is where you find them, or ask me, I recommend without reservation.  As I recall, closing was a month later, yes, a month.  And well, we went ahead with the move as originally scheduled.  I mean really, it was boxed and ready, our loaders were reserved, and our trucks were reserved, and we had a rental house to move to, so we moved. 

Our plan was to wrap it Wednesday, load it Thursday, drive it Friday and unload it Saturday, in Little Rock.  We pretty much had to have everything packed up and ready by Wednesday morning.  I should have taken a box count, but I didn't so I don't know how many there were, but they fit in two twenty six foot long UHaul trucks, a Honda CRV, and a Honda Civic, and they were packed.

We also planned to pick up our trucks and car haulers on Thursday morning.  As it turned out, we found out that we had one truck coming to Jacksonville and one truck coming to Alexandria pickup locations.  We called to see if we could pick up the Jacksonville truck and hauler on Wednesday afternoon so that one truck could be onsite for loading to begin early Thursday morning. So, after a long day of wrapping and prep, Bruce and I headed to Jacksonville.  Sure enough, they graciously put together our paperwork, keys and such like.  When I mentioned to them that we would be picking up another truck and hauler the next morning at Alexandria, he offered to make arrangements for us to take his second truck and hauler, rather than come back out to Alexandria the next day.  And just like that, we were set to drive both trucks and haulers back to the house that evening...part 3

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