Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Paint

The fourth color has now been added to the walls, in the laundry room this time, Peaceful Light. It's a soft pale green with a hint of blue in it and it looks good. Frankly, I was wondering when I painted on just a small patch in a couple of places, but it is 'the' color. It sure takes it 'up a notch' and makes it feel really clean and calming, perfect for ironing:) I did notice in the process of rolling on the color that it reminds me somewhat of the color my Grandfather used to paint on his house every few years. Not sure how accurate my memory is but it was a nice remembrance. Of course, as with anything that cleans something up, it also reveals that the white wood trim needs some refreshing itself. It is never ending, but well on it's way.

We also managed to pull the dryer and do some lint maintenance. In other words, we took the back off of the dryer and cleaned up the dryer lint tube a bit. It probably should be done every six months or so but for now, less risk of causing a house fire, and that's a 'good thing.'

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One True Thing

I watched a powerful movie yesterday, quite by accident really, One True Thing. A young woman (Renee Zellweger)discovers her lifelong perception of her parents is inaccurate and shallow when she returns home to care for her terminally ill mother (Meryl Steep)--an experience that leads her to revelations about life's illusions, made in 1998. I somehow missed this one before.