Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Move - part 2

We needed to decide if we would rent U-Haul or Ryder trucks for the move.  We needed to know where to buy the abundance of boxes we would need to box every other thing we owned to make the trek to Arkansas.  We needed to know if we could afford to get someone to help us load the trucks, and found that this was doable.  We hired Robert Weiss and his crew from United Moving of Oxford, Alabama for this purpose, and I don't think I could overstate how much this helped us accomplish the moving.  Four strong, healthy backs to help wrap furniture, and stage and load it and all the boxes onto trucks was the way to go, just saying.  Furthermore, let me just state that everything arrived in pristine shape, no breaks.  Frankly, that's almost unheard of and I heard stories from several people of just that. 

We did some online research on U-Haul and Ryder, asked some opinions on Facebook, and decided to visit U-Haul in person in Oxford out on Hwy 78.  We were able to get the CRV filled with boxes, well actually it took 2 trips that day, and a link up with another outlet over on Hwy 202 for some more wardrobe boxes.  Back to standing at the counter of the U-Haul in Oxford.  Perfectly nice people, let me just say.  However, we did not realize that day that while we could reserve our trucks and car dollies at this location, it did not mean that this would be the location where we would pick up said equipment on moving day.  It's a very big detail that I personally think would be better to know about going in, rather than surprised about on the day before pickup for the loading.  Maybe that just me, but now you know.  Like I say, this would be a detail we would find out about later.

On that day we reserved two 26 foot long trucks and two car hauling dollies, plus 96 blankets for wrapping, and bought boxes, tape, boxes of paper, and a box of bubble wrap.  Let me insert here that bubble wrap is so worth it, so worth it, and we would buy more of it as we progressed with the packing, as well as many more boxes. Before I forget to mention, while I was standing at that counter, my cell phone rang, and who would it be but Ryder to ask me about my online inquiry.  Timely I thought and told them that they could call me back in about an hour and I'd be glad to hear what they could offer me as it was supposed to be a better deal than what I'd seen online, as I was actually standing at a U-Haul counter at that very moment. Unfortunately, that call didn't come until maybe a couple weeks later, and well, that was too late.  By the way, the reason we went with U-Haul was because I asked Unity and they mentioned that it was easier to load and unload the U-Haul trucks as they sit lower to the ground.  I'd say that was good advice as we would be a bit less experienced on the unloading than they were on the loading of the trucks...part 2

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