Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The People of the Land - The Story of a Marriage by Bettye D. Grogan

About This Book
Beth Warren and George Daniel are high school graduates in 1957, wondering what the future holds. Having avoided George before, Beth is surprised to find herself falling in love with the boy she once considered a pest. Together they begin their lives on the farm home they share with Granny, the family matriarch, a strong willed but lovable woman. After the birth of their first daughter, Beth yearns to write and eventually becomes a noted author. With the arrival of their second daughter, life becomes a merry-go-round for Beth. With the aid of George’s father, Bill, and Beth’s mother, Joan, they get through some rough years with their children. Just when life seems to be falling into place, George learns that he has cancer. Beth stays with him all the way from surgery, trips to Houston, chemo, to his eventual recovery. Their daughters face their own conflicts as they grow older. A tragic accident and a broken engagement leave Felicia distrustful of men. Through Granny’s plotting, she finds her true love. Angelea, so like her father, loves only one from the start. Offered a fortune for the family farm, George and Beth disagree and grow apart. Will love, faith, and unexpected emergencies bring them back together?

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