Monday, August 15, 2011

Clutter Clues

I accumulate clutter, particularly paper clutter; it seems to be the nature of information gathering. Whether I'm gone a few days and come home to a stack of paper and the decisions of which to keep, deal with, file away or discard, the process can feel overwhelming, to the point that I start little piles in several places. When I realize that my 'coping' is adding to the clutter, I gather all the piles and move them to the dining room to be 'dealt' with once and for all. It's the 'holding' table. Nothing is lost, it's just suspended in time, there, on the table, 'safe', but blatantly clutter:) Don't laugh, I see your desk:)

The amazing thing is that now the rest of the house feels calm, clutter is cleared away. Surfaces wait, revealed, ready to receive a dusting even, well maybe, they look pretty good actually, as they've been covered in CLUTTER:) Won't Bruce be surprised:)