Tuesday, February 10, 2009

IRS Handle Census

Rhonda is wondering why the US Census can't be handled by the IRS. Everyone file your tax forms and you count:)

It would create some jobs at the IRS and save a bunch of money over all.

Why not?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Wasteful spending needs to go.

Interesting times.

These are interesting times. Patience no longer seems to be a virtue.

Haste makes waste. I think we are witnessing this, in the actions of Washington, again this week.

Over the years our family has developed some rules for living. One of those rules is the one that deals with those product demonstration offers you get on the phone which require the presence of both my husband and myself. Those don't get scheduled at my house. My husband doesn't want to see and if you can't deal with me alone on it, I guess we just won't see your pitch. It makes those calls easy to deal with.

Another rule we have comes to those deals that are just good for 'today', right now. Let me clue you in. If you tell me I have to 'decide' right now, or I'm gonna lose this deal, my answer will be 'NO'. Any decision that depends on me being impulsive and not being given time to evaluate and research the proposal is going to automatically get a 'NO' answer. It's the 'RULE', a wise one I'll add, and has kept me from making some really poor decisions over the years. If a decision doesn't measure up to the scrutiny of a reasonable amount of 'time', it doesn't have a foundation based on wisdom.

Maybe you can see the benefit of having a rule such as this too. I hope so but you can decide for yourself.