Thursday, July 12, 2007

Acafest Pipecast & 25th Anniversary moments

Another Pitch Pipecast episode is now online for your listening enjoyment. It is a real treat with interviews conducted at Acafest last week, by Gary Moyers.

Episode 7 was recorded live at Acafest 2007 in Nashville. It features a roundtable discussion with several artists: Brian Wiersma of Vocal Union, Danice Sweet of Revival, Lanier Stevens of Sounds of Glory, Robin Brannon of Acappella and Melissa Lancaster of Durant. These five artists represent a wide scope of a capella music, both in style and age. This podcast recording took place before a small crowd late in the evening and covers a wide range of topics... from favorite songs and favorite moments, through the hope found in gospel music, and all the way to what to do when your slip falls off in concert. A fun episode!

This Letter is More Precious Than Gold
by KeithLancaster on Thu 12 Jul 2007 07:00 AM CDT

We are blessed. Very blessed. You cannot imagine all the encouraging stories we hear about how the Gospel in song has made an overwhelming difference in the lives of precious families. We are so thankful for your letters, e-mails and comments. I received a message after the Reunion Concert that epitomizes the ultimate encouragement for our "musicianaries."

I asked permission to share it with you. Here is that message:

I just wanted to email you and let you know that I was at your 25th Anniversary concert Sat. the 7th of July at Lipscomb University not because I wanted to be there, Because I was working. My partner and I were sent from Robertson County E.M.S to be your Medical Staff for the concert. We were both very tired, We had been on another Special assignment since 7am that morning outside in 95 degree weather and we were exhausted. But anyway we had no idea who Acappella was and at the moment we didn't even care. But I want you to know those boys hit the stage and we both were floored with the sound and the Word of the gospel flowing throughout the building. They have to be the best group I have ever heard, When they performed "All Men Will Know" I literally cried and I want you to know I do not show emotion most people would say I don't even smile, But that is a beautiful and touching song. When the show was all over my partner and I left with a copy of the the new CD and I have not stopped listening since. I want to thank you for our wonderful experience and a spiritual boost to the end of a long day.

Jason Stone EMT-IV

Thank you Jason, for sharing those kind words with us. This helps Acappella keep going in spite of all the obstacles. We appreciate it!Anyone who desires can share that song with friends through this link.

REST of the story:
I'm reminded of the Paul Harvey quote he's so famous for because there is more to the story that night. The 25th Anniversary concert came at the end of a very intense, schedule packed week for me. It was in full swing when Vocal Union sang Once Upon A Tree, which is a song that my husband co-wrote with Keith Lancaster, and he was unable to attend the event due to a very intense season of work at his own job as well. I guess I was nearer to the point of exhaustion than I realized, when these two EMT's took me aside to 'rest' for a bit. They thought I might be dehydrated and made me 'stop'. Interesting how God works that way you know. I actually watched the first half of the concert with them back in behind the stage, viewing the large screen on the back wall. They took such good care of me and were truly God's hands and feet in that moment. I slipped up to the sales booth during intermission and got them both a copy of Acappella's Radiance cd, and then carried on with my assignments for the night. God uses each of us, even in our weakest moments. Just thought it was fair you knew the 'rest' of the story.

Be blessed,