Friday, December 15, 2006


Wow, what a week. That's a lot of w's.

We took a little roller coaster ride with my Mom's health this week when her EKG came back with some signs of an 'incident' meaning a heart attack at some point in time. She's been feeling a little under the weather and went to the doctor to have it checked out thinking a shot in the shoulder to help ease the pain of her bersitus (have no idea on the spelling-and not looking it up right now). So they scheduled a stress test for Thursday morning at 8:30 am and we all waited in anticipation for that trip to the doctor. Good news as all went well and she didn't have any problem getting up to the level they wanted. She still feels mighty tired and will hopefully rest a few days and see in a couple days how's she's doing. Maybe she just needs that shot after all. We're still not sure when she had a mild heart attack though so guess it'll be best to watch the stress, the diet, the weight, the cholesterol and all the other p's & q's on that list.

It does give one a chance to take a moment though and count the blessings of having a good Mom. & Dad. There are many to count. It seems when health issues pop up, it just makes us feel like holding those blessings a bit closer to our hearts. I know I had a bit of a cry myself on Thursday morning and just had to give God the fear that I was feeling. I sent out an email call to several people I know who'd be able to pray in the moment for her as well. We hang onto things pretty tight sometimes. He just wants to carry the load for us, just like He promised.

Word on the text message is that the boys are in route. We'll be doing a little more praying tonight that their path will be clear and a steady ride will bring them home safely. It sounds like they're about ready to be home for a bit.

I'll try to remember to write about the recent trip to the store to buy a new tv. Course since we haven't yet bought one the story isn't finished. Anyway, maybe later.

Enjoy your moments!

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