Friday, December 08, 2006

Cold morning ramblings

Twenty three degrees at eight am in Alabama. I'm sure it was colder earlier but I didn't have the heart to look. Sky is clear and blue but don't let that fool ya, it's cold. Yes, I know it's nothing like further north but this is Alabama. It's not supposed to be cold here.

I've managed to get the tree out of the box and assembled, even the lights work. This was Will's job last year and I'm thinking maybe I should have waited another week and let him do it. After seeing my cats investigate it, I'm not sure I'll be able to hang anything on it, at least nothing breakable. Should be interesting.

Pepperdine is sitting on the top of the box like King of the Hill, she remembers this from last year. Give her a cardboard box and she's moderately happy. If you knew her, you'd know what I mean. The little cat, Benjamin, is just looking at it, and imagining a good climb I'm sure. One of them has dragged the kitten doll under the tree. Now what is that all about, I'm sure I don't know. The show must go on for sure.

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