Friday, December 22, 2006

Is anyone else tired of all the skin exposure? Low cut blouses, midriffs peaking, shoulders bare, lots of leg, skin everywhere. We used to be able to watch television without the advertising of underwear and lingerie prancing across the screen on commercial breaks. No longer relegated to the soap opera shows and late night, now it's everywhere, and well, I'm sick of looking at it. Enough already! Give us a break.

There I said it. It was hard to do without naming names but really, you know who you are. Would a bit of modesty be so difficult to manage? We're so saturated with skin and sexual imagery. Seems nothing is sold without it these days. What if we make it the measure of what we will and won't consider buying and viewing? Could have quite a ripple effect on the economy but really, when is enough enough?

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betsy and noah said...

the comment "Modest is Hottest" comes to my mind. right on rhonda! hope you are enjoying your sabattical!