Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin is welcome!

I like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and she is welcome any time at my kitchen table. What an amazing personal story and I hope she does indeed 'break' that glass ceiling for women everywhere.

Sometimes we all want to wait around and see how everything 'shakes' out about a 'perceived' new face on the political scene. But she is a capable, competent American woman and I find myself optimistic about the possibilities of the benefits her perspective and perseverence can have on our country at a national level.

She certainly has made the conversation interesting and hopefully we'll see record numbers of Americans register and vote in November. We do all have the means to participate in this national conversation; VOTE.

Like I said, kitchen table, pot of coffee, and maybe even a bit of hot breakfast food if you give me a little notice:)

Blessed Indeed

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