Monday, September 15, 2008

Gasoline - AL

We bought gas on Friday for $3.99 a gallon in Oxford. That was several dimes more per gallon than the prices posted just one day previous. Bruce noticed on his drive home from work that people were behaving irratically and lines were forming at gas stations along his route. It had all the signs of a panic in the works.

Apparently the governor had issued a State of Emergency in Alabama due to the impact of damage in Texas and Louisianna that Hurricane Ike was going to have on gasoline flowing to consumers in Alabama, who's ranks have expanded as well, due to the evacuations taking place from Ike and Gustav. Alabamians are opening their arms to the evacuees but goods and services are being impacted.

We made the drive to Ohatchee for the church gathering yesterday and realized that many gas stations are out of gas in this area. We saw lots of bags over the pump handles and many signs no longer show a price. They are out of gas.

Now might be a good time to mention that we all need to conserve. Some supplies may need to be diverted from the midwest and northeast to help the states affected here in the south. With search and rescue in full swing; widespread damage coming to light; relief agencies on the move to assist; and the cleanup and rebuilding lining up; we are all in this together.

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