Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Tomato of the Season

My first ripe tomato of the season came from an unexpected place. Not from the big whiskey barrel planters I carefully set my best tomato transplants and cages in. No, from the small compost pile at the edge of my lawn. I had some scraggly looking transplants left over and a pile of grass clippings. As I recall, I just scooped out a hole in the grass clippings and stuck a couple of tomato plants in them and watered. Yep, first ripe tomato came from there.

Sinking my teeth into that ripe tomato was a joy. Memories of many ripe juicy tomatoes came flooding back. This is a taste you just don't find at the big box store it seems, and never in the off season. Anyway, as I was enjoying that first moment of tomato joy, I realized that I needed a picture for my Dad. He's been asking me if I have any tomatoes yet ever since we completed the construction of the backyard greenhouse in January. I started from seed and Monday I picked the first tomato. A few more are now on the counter riping up for me but here's a picture of the first one, minus a big bite, taken with my cell phone.

Yep, summer has come to Alabama:)

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