Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

The good news is that my refrigerator is running, now. The bad news is that it stopped running last night and so we had a few casualties.

It is amazing how fast bread products start to soften in the freezer and how soft ice cream is similar to cool whip.

I kept hearing a click last night and went to check the stove to make certain that I'd turned all the burners off. Yep, they were off. Then another click. Went back in and checked the coffee pot and other plug in applicances on my counter. Hmm, no culprits. Another click and it really did seem to be coming from the refrigerator so I checked the ice maker and yep, there was ice and it seemed to be running. Another click. What could it be?

Then I went to scoop me a bowl of ice cream. Soft serve a la chocolate chip mint. It was soft and getting really close to cool whip soft. Well, that explained it. The refrigerator was going out or maybe already out, so I closed it all up, reset the switches, reset the plug and hoped for the best. But, the morning did not bring the best.

It's times like these when you're really glad to have good neighbors. You know they're good when they'll clear you off a shelf in their refrigerator for your 'stuff' and make room in the freezer for you. Jeanie and Marcus are great neighbors.

We didn't save everything and I did do some cooking and grilling this morning to take care of the things that had thawed, salvage I guess is what you'd call it. Bruce commented on having pizza for breakfast and couldn't remember the last time he had:)

The good thing about all this is that the refrigerator got cleaned out and all the expired labels were honored and sent to the designated trash can, and my refrigerator is now running again. The nice Sears repairman came and took care of that for me.

Be blessed and thankful for a running refrigerator.

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