Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Some things take time

I've just been the benefactor of a ten day visit from my Mom. We had such a good time together. Made me realize how busy I've been the past several years and it was good to have some dedicated time to just visit and do things together.

We even had our nails done, all of them, fingers & toes. It was both of our first pedicures, at least that we didn't do ourselves. Hard to believe huh. This neat little shop has opened up in the Alexandria mall, Jennifer's Nails. A real sweet couple just massaged and polished away. Oh, and if you've never sat in one of those pedicure chairs with the massage back, well, get ready, real cool.

Well, like I said, some things take time. We talked,cooked, ate, had some long drives, shopped, watched movies and just had a good visit. Quality and quantity. Sometimes, that's what it takes.

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