Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Angel Eyes blue

The new color of my entrance hall. Angel eyes blue.

I'm not sure it's the 'right' color but it's the color on the walls for a while:)

It has been a while since I'd done any painting and as I now recall, after the slow painstaking process of painting trim, I don't like to do trim work. I much rather prefer rolling on a whole wall of color, rooms full of walls, seeing the transforming power of a new color of paint, almost in an instant. Trim work is painfully slow and blue tape application is torture, let's just admit it, torture.

My one negotiation in the planning of this project was that we would buy enough rollers so that I could just toss them at the end of a paint day. Yes, I know, totally wasteful, but hey, I hate cleaning paint rollers even more than doing trim work.

More painting to come, but not today, it's raining, so maybe I'll put some more tape in place:)

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your blog!