Thursday, January 22, 2009

List and Tree

Today I made a list. It just seemed like time. I like having a list because there is a lot to do and most times more than six things. I know, the ideal list only has six things on it, but mine has more than six.

There is a certain satisfaction to being able to draw a line through things on the list. I suppose this is to solidify my belief that 'it all counts'. Yes, there are some things that are more important than others, nevertheless, they all have to get done sometime, and so 'they all count', because anything done is going to take up some moments of time. And time is a commodity that is to be redeemed.

I like the word redeemed. My minister has been talking about it for the past couple of Sundays. I think I will try and use it as much as possible this year. Hmm, maybe that was a resolution, we'll see.

One thing on my list today is the un-trimming of the tree. Yes, I am aware that I am running late on this task. I would normally have done this in the week immediately following Will's return to college but that ran a little later this year and it just wasn't 'time' yet. Today it is 'time'.

It has been an unusual season for us this year and probably adds to feeling that the tree needed to be up a while longer than 'normal'. While we are traditional in having a tree for the Christmas season, we haven't ever been traditional in when it needed to go up or come down. It is usually a group effort in that the tree is bigger now, with the tall ceilings, as is the box it is packed in. Bruce or Will are good about helping get it down here, put together and the lights hooked up to work properly. We found early on with this tree that I am apt to leave some of the lights un-lit and not even notice. Once plugged in, all I notice is how pretty it looks. This happens to be a nono when living with expert lighting fellas. This year Bruce did the honors.

As I reach for each ornament, I remember the time of it's purchase, gift or making. They are a bit like treasures as they are part of our family story, and dependable in that they are always ready to be re-hung and assisting in sparking the memories again. Not all of the ornaments will be wrapped and tucked back away in the attic. Some remain out and are placed around the house to keep a bit of the season close, particularly some of my angel ornaments, which I started receiving and giving a few years back with some good prayer partners in Kentucky. I hear that tradition continues on there as well as here. I think I may even hang a few angels from the dining room light this year just for a bit of whimsy as that has become my sewing room as well.

So now you know and on we go. Make it a good day.

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