Friday, December 19, 2008

Confessions of a pack rat

I confess. I am a pack rat. It is official. I inherited the gene, from my Dad, best I can tell.

It started innocently enough with the tissue paper, gift sacks, store sacks, box, bow & assorted ribbons and such like. Let us not forget to acknowledge all of those clear plastic zipper bags that linens and such come in these days, yes, I saved those too. Well, you know, they come in handy sometimes, something to put 'stuff' in. :)

But, it is 'out of hand'. Most things like this do get out of hand eventually, when you 'store up' things.

I just opened the chifferobe doors and won't tell you how much of this stuff is packed into it and falling out of it. Time to repent, recycle and purge it. Yep, I confess.

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