Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It is disturbing that citizens are embracing the notion of Wealth Redistribution in this grand democracy of America, where so many have bled and died to protect our freedoms of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

Have we indeed come to the turning point where the promise of tax cuts to 95% of middle class/lower class tax payers, (class warfare terms that I find appalling; and totally different from the concepts of lower, middle, & upper income), and a penalizing of those who have succeeded in building wealth, building small businesses and building the job base; to pay even more taxes (already #2 in taxes paid in the world); to 'Spread the Wealth?'

So the proposal to penalize some, the top 5%, (the rich, the upper income, 'those "rich" people',) who already pay a disproportionate amount in taxes, the Obama version of government takes more of the 5%'s hard earned money and it becomes Obama money to dole out to others, whoever is deemed deserving and willing to relinquish their 'votes' even those who haven't paid any taxes, thereby 'Spreading the Wealth.'

Hmm, sounds like Socialism, doesn't it?

And all it costs you is your 'VOTE' for Obama. I guess 95% is the magic number to equal the number of VOTES that Obama needs to win the Presidential election. So if 95% of the people get a tax break, then they trade in 'their' VOTE, 'their' principles, 'their' ideology, to GET 'their' tax cut.

Enough tax cuts equal enough Votes.

I wonder what the tax cut actually is? How much do you put in your pocket at the end of the day? How much am I willing to 'sell' my Vote for? Are we talking about $100, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000 to sell out?

And if that amount is not enough we'll throw in free health insurance and $4000 free money to send your kids to college (you do know you can't go to college for $4000 don't you? And by the way, you'll agree to a two year exchange of your time for that money working with the peace corp. or some other government deemed appropriate and authorized organization). Is the pot of gold big enough yet?

Big enough to overlook the level of inexperience in this candidate Obama? To overlook that in all his short career of politics, he hasn't 'actually' produced much? To overlook that he might just not be too 'work brittle.' To overlook that he's spent more time campaigning than 'actually' doing his job as a Junior Senator? (Someone actually said that 'running his campaign' qualifies him to be President of the United States of America, huh?) To overlook his friends on the radical fringe? To overlook his voting record, such that it is, 'mostly just present', as being extremely 'liberal' i.e., there is no such thing as a government that is 'too big.' To overlook his close ties to ACORN? To overlook his long list of unidentified campaign contributors?

So much to 'overlook', 'sell', 'trade-in' for our 'VOTE'. And yes, we are ONLY supposed to get 'ONE' vote.

Is this the price that we 'sell' our liberty for? Seems kind of cheap, considering the price that many have made with their very lives to defend that liberty for us, doesn't it?

And is it just our VOTE we are selling? Perhaps we'll find that we have sold our 'voice' in this exchange as well. Perhaps an unintended consequence of 'naming' our price, we lose our voice and the right to 'ask' the hard questions. Perhaps we'll find ourselves a part of a class system where the 'elite' rule us. We've been 'paid off' and 'paid for', so "sit down and be quiet" till we're needed. Our part to play is during elections when our 'VOTE' is needed to continue the reign of power, and we get our next round of 'pay offs.'

Would 75% be the magic number if it produced ENOUGH votes to win the election? I guess 95% is the calculated number needed to sway the number of votes needed? And that's all based on 'believing' that the promise is actually delivered, by a candidate with 'NO', repeat, 'NO' record of cutting anyone's taxes, a promise he has broken before.

Is this the RIGHT lie, to the RIGHT number of people, at the RIGHT time, to win an election for Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party?

I hope not.

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