Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Uncle Edwin remembered

Last night's dinner was a bit of a tribute to my Uncle Edwin, who passed on to his reward Sunday, crossing over Jordan, as my Dad likes to say. He was my Dad's uncle actually but we 'all' called him Uncle Edwin.

I cooked up a bit of brisket plus some green beans and potatoes. The first time I can recall eating brisket would have been at a family reunion out in Possum Kingdom Texas back in May of 2004. Uncle Edwin had cooked up the secret family recipe and it was mighty fine. He explained the seasoning and rubbing and cutting of the meat to get that texture and taste. It was good.

I'm afraid my version last night was the best that Sadlers Tender Split BBQ Brisket could do. It was an adequate substitute but suspect that I'll need to pull out the family recipe and give it a go at some point. My Dad has already been working on a version of brisket since 2004, serving it up at the 2006 gathering. It was mighty fine.

Here's to Uncle Edwin, good brisket, and all the tomatoes you can eat (another story for another day).

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