Thursday, April 03, 2008

March On.

Can you believe it? March has passed. It was a busy month for sure. Two trips to Tulsa; a recording session for 225 singers; an exhibit for 3 days on concrete floors; a visit to OK City to see my Son; a visit to my parents in Arkansas; a visit from my Mom as she rode back with me and stayed for 2 weeks; a trip to the doctors office to check out her chest pains, which he diagnosed as muscular, still not sure what that means; a visit from my son for Spring Break; a trip to the Atlanta airport during the tornado; two trips to the Birmingham airport; one mad dash at DFW airport; one cancelled flight out of Tulsa; five gate changes at DFW airport; one lost bag; one found bag; one delivered bag; dogwood trees blooming; pink, red and white azaleas blooming; five wheelbarrow loads of compost dug and spread; and time to dig and divide hostas. Oh yeah, the van broke down so JJ is still in Tulsa getting it fixed.

Yep, March has passed.

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