Monday, May 21, 2007

Victory - in honor of JoAn

Victory comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they just hit us up side of the head. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? I discovered this when my son finished high school (victory), chose a college & received a great scholarship (victory), drove him thirteen hours from home to the college (uh, victory, ouch). Yes, this is the way it is. For all the hard work of a parents’ lifetime, you hit victory and well, victory can hurt like the dickens. Victory took an unexpected turn toward an anguishing pain of loss. Yet, my son has his victory. I have my victory. We have much to celebrate, be proud and thankful for the payoff of dedicated hard work. But, with victory came pain. Paradoxical, wouldn’t you say?

We had another victory this past week. JoAn Dillinger closed her eyes to victory and left us for her home in heaven. The waiting arms of Jesus. Her work here in the physical completed. Victory. And yet, with this wonderful victory of her completed task, we find that we deal with the pain and anguish of loss. It surely hurts and we knew it would. We will remember her well for all her preparations for this victory; for she was surely ready to go. She paid her dues. She did her time here on earth. We will remember.

Faith is the Victory. Faith is the Victory. Oh glorious Victory that overcomes the world. This old song comes to mind this morning. Perhaps it will be the tune on my heart today. JoAn would want it that way. Cause, He said it’s al-right, it’s al-right, it’s al-right, it’s al-right. Don’t ya know that just a little talk with Jesus makes it right? Yeah, JoAn would want it this way.

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