Monday, March 05, 2007

Safe in Frankfurt! ---Acappella news from the road

Rhonda! Everything worked out perfectly and thank the Lord bc we honestly didn't think we'd make it...we flew into LaGuardia late with1:15 to drive to JFK (normally 30mins), recheck our luggage, gothrough security, and get on our international flight! AA had 3lincoln town cars waiting (rode in style) to take us to JFK and wewent fast, really fast. They dropped us off right at the terminalwhere we found no line at all for Singapore airlines (to ouramazement) so we moved like crazy and got there as the last people onboard. And let me just say..Singapore airlines is the nicest any ofus have ever ridden. It felt like 1st class, so we felt lucky. Nowwe're in Frankfurt, it's the middle of the night so i can't sleep.Our hotel and everything has worked out, had a nice authentic Germanmeal tonight, and took a long nap, so everyone's in pretty goodspirits. We even sang for a few places we've visited already. God'sbeen good to us on our trip...Just wanted to update you that thingsare going well. Off to Italy tomorrow. ciao for now,Jordan

Note: Original flights booked on American were cancelled due to weather related problems in Chicago.

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